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You Can Solve Your Repeating Problems



With this sesion, you can clean your blockages on your energy field.  Many clients feel the session, feel the enery on their body with visions, tinglings, vibrations and many similar feelings.

With these feelings, you can feel lighter, more relaxed after every session.

There are no coaching session avaliable with this method. I send general information through whatsapp or email and answer your question but there will not be any whatsapp calls for coaching. Other than this point, session method is same.

Repeating events, people can effect our lives negatively. Subjects could be



Job Issues,

Unhapiness, anxiety

Support of  health problems and many other issues.

I do avarage of 5 sessions. It differs on subjects and clients. Sometimes, 3 sessions are enough especially on young people, some times 10 is hardly enough. After every session, blockages will be dissappearing from energy field.

On your scheduled time, you will lay down or sit in a comfortable room, and I will work on your energy field for 50 minutes.

You may feel tingling, needling, numbness during the session. you may receive some vision or just get up with relaxation and lightness on your body.

At the end of the study you can feel the relaxaation and energy work in your body. Afterwards you may fall in        sleep because you would be relieved  from blocakages . 


Among the appointments you will begin to see the effects of the sessions in your life, the actual work will be           complete after the average of fifth session.  But, everybody is different. Therefore, some may need less and some may need more sessions.

Results are inner peace, awakening thoughts, realizations, understanding the reasons of your outcomes. Outside  results may differ on situations and expectations.  Every situation has gifts and learning lessons in it. You may      need to show some patience to understant the whole picture.


What is the difference between coaching and w/o coaching sessions ?

 One-on-one sessions can be done from a distance . We can set up the appointment on a  desiredday and an hour.  Actually, the time difference does not matter. Because, I can do the session on a certain time and you can receive the energy on your desired day and time. After the session, we can call and talk with whatsapp.  I take  notes of the messages,  problematic scenarios from the past.v There could be multiple scenarios and information to talk about.  A general idea emerges, and at the end of sessions. That would usually create some awarness and awakening on my clients.   I share situations that trigger the certain problems. I teach you how to program your mind again so that  same scripts would not repeat. 


In the case of w/o coaching sessions, the blockages are being cleaned the same way, but I do not make a call or do one-on-one coaching. I either send a mail or voice whatsapp message.  You may share your feelings or ask questions through whatsapp and I will answer back . Without coaching sessions are only done remotely on Saturdays every two weeks between 4.00 p.m. to 5 p.m.


NOTE: All therapies are healing sessions and they are not being used for the purpose of medical treatment. Consult your doctor first if you have health issues. Results may be different on every individual.