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 Hello Dear,
We are very close to do past life healing session. We will start our session on time.
First time participants may feel some feelings ( visions, emotions, thoughts) or you may not feel anything and get up with relaxation and lightness feeling. This does not change the results.

During the session

Session will last 50 minutes. During the session, go to a quiet room or place. Prefferably lay down if it is not possible to lay down, sit in a comfortable chair. Do not cross your legs or or arms.

 You may provide a blind folder, and a insense, put a relaxation music and turn off your phone. Make sure that you will not be bothered in a room for fifty minutes. Also, provide a pen and a note book so that you can take notes AFTER the session right away.  You may also provide a blanket in case you get cold.

Repeat your intention sentence ( the expectation out of this session)

I am writing some intention sentences. you may make one according to following examples

Abundance Sentence;  I intend to heal all the blockages of abundance, beliefs, thoughts, subliminal codes. And so  it is....

Weight Loss Sentence; I intend to heal all the blockages of weight loss, beliefs, thoughts, subliminal codes. And so  it is....

Relationship Sentence I intend to heal all the blockages of relationships, beliefs, thoughts, subliminal codes. And so  it is....

You may repeat the sentence once before the session. You do not need to repeat your intention all the time, this may break your concentration.

Relax during the session. Be open to your feelings. If you may fall in sleep, do not worry your subconcious will do the necessary work

You may write down what you felt after the session. This may increase your awarness and it may show guidance. If you send it to me I may make comments .

 If you don't mind, after getting your approvel I can change your name and  put on the website. This may show quidance and help to others as well.

NOTE: All therapies are healing sessions and they are not being used for the purpose of medical treatment. Consult your doctor first if you have health issues.