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Taner Akçakanat

He lived in Ankara, Turkey until  high school education. After finishing high school in İzmir, he went to Mİddle East Technical University in Ankara.


He then moved to America. He studied at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, USA, with a scholarship from the US government and finished the Business and Computer departments with honors degrees. And then he finished his masters degree on clinical pyscology at University of North West.


He worked as a manager in different business lines in America.


When he met Network 21, a leading international organization, he made a definite return to Turkey. Through this organization, he worked with many people individually and participated in hundreds of personal training seminars and trainings. 

He started working with firms and individuals as a consultant many years.  

When he realizes that energy is creating everrything, he started reading and attaining energy related trainings

Rowing team, body building and later Tai-Chi, Yoga helped him to diversify his energy


He studied Law of Attraction  of Jerry ve Esther Hicks.  He got  Doreen Virtue's Past Life Healing Session and Mediumship courses.

In addition to his Reiki mastery, he is also expert in Certified Angel Coaching and Past Life Therapy. He uses his knowledge  in his 'Spiritual Life Coaching'. He has also received many training programs such as Psychological Counseling, Regression Training, Individual Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP Expertise, Seraphim Blueprint Courses.


His life philosophy is 'Constant and Never Ending Improvement'