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One on One Past Life Healing Sessions with Coaching

Are there any repeated events in your life? Are you facing the same personality traits in your professional life and having the same type of problems?

Does it seem like these people have  different names  but they bother you with same issues everywhere.

Do you have any fears which you cannot define andunderstand?  Can't you tell why you don't get better even after having all proper therapies and treatments?

Do you often have unreasonable fears and emotions suchas fear of lost and  jealousy?

Does all of your relationships end the same way ?, doyou always have same pattern in  yourrelationships and  do you feel like youstuck in them?

Do you have a health problem which you cannot gethealed even after receiving all proper treatments?

Even though you do all of your best to overcome yourfinancial issues, do you still have same problems ?

Do you have any unknown and undefined  phobias?

May be you are getting terrified  by cats. May be this fear affects yourdecisions and your options of places to go. May be you cannot have a very romantic dinner because of this fear.

If you have these questions, you do need these sessions ?


Do you think all these fears are logical?

While millions of people have cat as a pet or at leastthey don't have any negative emotions for cats, why are you afraid of them?

If you are lucky enough may be you can define a moment or event which you think it causes this fear. What if there is not any moment or event which you cannot remember?

 If you thinkyou have one of these issues or there is something in your life which has thesame pattern and makes your  lifedifficult, you can get  benefit from thepast life healing therapy. 

There are many different approaches and opinions about past life healing therapy.

These are : 1) They might come from your pastlives 2)They might already recorded in your DNA and passed to you through this. 3) Or they might passed to you as anenergy blockage from your ancestors as same as typical health issues.

The good thing about this you do not have tobelieve any of these theories to see the effect and benefits of the treatment.You just need to allow receiving the treatment and have an open mind set. Youneed to think with motto I don't have anything to lose.

Past life healing therapy is a method whichcan solve problems. Even if these problems couldnt be solved with both conscious andsubconscious mind treatments. This method can be used to solve almost any kindof subjects and problems.

Past Life healing therapy doesn't require too many sessions. In between 3 to 7 sessions, average after 5, you may achieve desired results.You will start to feel difference after the second  session. It might be a need for minimum five sessions if the problem has a root cause of any psychological , bipolar ,depression or anger control issues.

For the problems which are root caused byvicious cycles and relationship issues, three sessions might be enough toresolve the issue. The number of sessions will be adjusted based on the persons growth and results during the therapy.

Past healing therapy  is a method which works on all physical,emotional, mental and karmic based segments, it finds the root cause and solves them.

This method allows us to perceive our blockages which we cannot understand with our conscious minds. It helps us to solve them permanently. One session takes maximum one hour.

Clients mind stays open in the conscious level andthere will not be any conversation during the session. Sessions are not  hurtful for the client and energy blockages solve in very gentle and soft way.

After each distant therapy session, we provide feedback ,vision which we receive during the therapy, to our clients via phone or email. If this is an individual face to face session then we provide feedback individually in our office or through whatsapp call. But I do 95% of our sessions at distant.  I use whatsapp application to communicate before and after sessions.  We do our counseling session via whatsapp calls. 

We provide counseling to our clients after therapy result on scenarios and visions we received during therapy. We pointout  and emphasize important points toprevent same reoccurrences in their lives. We also provide positive affirmations to our clients.

 Sometimes, client might remember visions afterthe session or sometimes s/he doesn't remember anything at all or don't have anyvision after the session. However these situations do not affect the result ofour treatment.

Past Life Healing therapy might resolves anyissue in your life if the issue is caused by an energy blockage. The healing result of therapy starts right after thesession . However, its effects to ourdaily lives show up sometimes immediately or sometimes after certain time basedon the issue.

After this type of healing treatment, changesmight show up in clientslife. Client should be open to these changes. Depends on the subject,  changeswill be different. Changes might show up as a new job opportunity, differentlocation or might be a new person in your life. The important thing here is notto show any resistance to receive these changes.

Of course you are the one who will make yourdecision, the right decision. You will lead your life but you shouldn't beafraid of changes.


Here are someillnesses and problems which could get healed with past life therapy: Futurefears, abundance blockages, Money issues;not making enough money , not havingenough money.Obsessions, marriage fears, panicattacks, relationship issues; caused by family, spouses, partners, colleagues...Depression, anxiety and stress related disorders, anger management, examfears, bipolar disorders.


Frequently asked questions:


1)Does this therapy disturb me emotionally?

This work allows you to see or feel only what you can handle. Ifyou have any concerns or fears, you wont feel or see anything but energy continues to work. Whatever itneeds to be healed , it will get better with the benefit of wholesome.


2)Is there anything I need to do before the treatment?

No. There is no responsibility for the client who comes with theintention of getting healed. The power and healing energy  of this work usually starts right after ourconversation and after defining the intention.

3) I reside outside of Ankara. Do I need to come to Ankara?

No. You can get this treatment anywhere you want regardless ofyour location.  After prescreening ourinitial conversation and decision of the subject, you can get this treatmentwherever you are. Results of the treatment do not depend on your location.

4) Is this the same as regression therapy or are there anydifferences?

Past life Healing therapy is different  from the regressiontherapy even though they have some similarities. In the Regression therapy ,client could experience  emotions andscenarios which come from the root of the issues. Client speaks and forgiveswhomever he/she needs to forgive during the regression therapy. Since clientexperiences the same feelings and emotions , regression therapy could besomehow more tense for the client. Regression therapy is based on the principlewhich issues could get better after we face our traumatic situations and afterwe understand the reason of the issues. However, in the past healing therapy ,client only lies down and relaxes. There is no work or responsibility takeplace for the client.  Client feels relaxed and content during thetherapy. Scenarios, traumatic events and situations which cause blockages gethealed by energy. Healing starts with the conscious intention and its effects show up either immediately or after period of time  depend on the subject.



I am having amazing days like a dream because of pastlife healing therapy. My relationship with my boyfriend goes well. We arehaving good times. Also, all of our troubles have disappeared and incredible things are happening . I justwant to share these experiences one more time on your web site.

 I assigned tomy first choice of work assignment location. This school is one of mostprestigious school in Samsun and it locates right next to my house. Normally Ihad to stay and work at in my ex school one more year but incredible thingshappened and they assigned me to this new school.

Taney bey , Thank you very much

See you soon.



I was having long term neck and back pain. Even thoughI tried many different treatments ,I couldn't get rid of these neck and backpains. After our conversation, you said since this a condition which didn't gethealed with traditional medical treatment, I might see benefits of past lifehealing therapy. It made me feel good to see that you were interested on theenergy side of my illness as a medical doctor. I trusted you and we decided tohave past life healing therapy. After the therapy, I was surprised with yourwords. It sounded like It was quite normal to have these pains after all mynegative  past life experiences.  You said it might take some time to see theresults of the treatment  since this anenergy treatment. I did not feel any changes right after the treatment but Istarted to feel results eventually.  Onthe day, after completing the 10th day of treatment, I woke up  normally without any pain. It was incredibleand hard to believe. This is unbelievable for me. I would like to thank you foryour patience and close attention since our first meeting.


NOTE: All therapies are healing sessions and they are not being used for the purpose of medical treatment. Consult your doctor first if you have health issues.