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B. A. Germany

I had two flats which I couldn't sell for last 27 years. It was difficult to handle for me to deal with their maintenance and rental issues. I had past life healing therapy with you because of my son’s insistence. I wanted to sell these flats and end the financial prob-lems for me and my spouse. Even though I was asking for very acceptable price, I al-most lost my hope since I was not able sell them for the last 27 years. I was surprised by some incidents which you told me related to their energies. They were fitting in with some incidents which I know happened in the past. 5 to 6 months after completing our therapy, I sold the first flat and I sold the second one two weeks ago. Both myself and my spouse got rid of our financial burden.
Thank you very much. May God bless you.

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OUR MISSION:  is to make permanent positive changes in our client's lives

We all want the best for us. Wewant to control our lives, to establish good relationships, to be peaceful andcontent, to live in abundance and want to continue in this way.

Sometimes , things do not happen the way we desire.  Even though wework  so hard to make things in our ways,we cannot reach our goals. We cannot grasp and understand what goes wrong. We want to try different roads but we cannot reach the desired results.This feeling consumes us. Everything happens just the same as before and repeats itself.  We desperately want to break this cycle. 

At this point, you might need a guidance andsomeone to help you. Things shouldn't go this way all the time, it is time to change and correct things.


As a Spiritual Past Lifetherapist, I reach the main reason of the problems which create these undesired situations.

During our sessions,I detect  reasons which are mainly unknown to the our clients .These reasons may come from DNA recordings and  past life history. We inform our clients about  these main causes of problems and let them know how to correct and solve them at one on one sessions. I also mention how to re-program our minds by using positive affirmations.

To able to achieve theseresults, I use past life healing therapy in two different ways.

1-Past life Healing therapy withindividual guidance ; One on One Sessions

2-Past life Healing therapy without guidance; 


NOTE: All therapies are healing sessions and they are not being used for the purpose of medical treatment. Consult your doctor first if you have health issues.

Coming up session


Past Life Healing Session

A past life therapy session w/o coaching will be held on  at 5.30 p.m. on Thursday or 3.30 p.m. on Saturday which will include many topics such as abundance, relationship, anxiety, unhapiness,  This session may help you to overcome your obstacles. You can make your reservation on-site.

What is the difference between without coaching and  with One-One Coaching Sessions.

I perform individual on on one sessions remotely.  I do the one on one session on a appointed time and date.  I study the scenorios and visions that I may see during the session.  I receive some information from counselor's subconcious mind, and energy field.  There could be multiple scenarios and information.  After the session, we do the coaching session through whats app and talk. And I give some homeworks. 

I use the same method  without coaching sessions,  blockages are  being cleaned during the sessions. But I do't do the coaching afterthe session.  I send a voicemail with a two minute general information. through  e-mail or WhatsApp. If you have any questions, I will reply by e-mail or WhatsApp. I do the sessionss on a fixed date.