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Sherry A. Stockholm

Hello, Before I met you I was feeling stuck in my life with relationship issues. I had many loses in my life. 10 years of my marriage was ended in the last 10 month period. my sister died 3 years ago. 10 days before my sister’s death I lost my uncle and I lost my best friend in the traffic accident 6 month before that. After all these, during this 3 years, I couldn't accept anyone in my life. Even if I had anyone in my life it was turning in to back and forth situation. After this therapy, in 7 to 10 days, two of my close friends proposed a marriage. These people whom I had rocky relationship and wanted to start over again with me. Since I was feeling so balanced, it was easy for me refuse these people out of my life. I was able to free my-self unsatisfactory ,not fulfilled relationships. I used positive affirmations which you gave me during this period. I also had meditations. I feel a lot better Thanks for your energy.

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OUR MISSION:  is to make permanent positive changes in our client's lives

We all want the best for us. Wewant to control our lives, to establish good relationships, to be peaceful andcontent, to live in abundance and want to continue in this way.

Sometimes , things do not happen the way we desire.  Even though wework  so hard to make things in our ways,we cannot reach our goals. We cannot grasp and understand what goes wrong. We want to try different roads but we cannot reach the desired results.This feeling consumes us. Everything happens just the same as before and repeats itself.  We desperately want to break this cycle. 

At this point, you might need a guidance andsomeone to help you. Things shouldn't go this way all the time, it is time to change and correct things.


As a Spiritual Past Lifetherapist, I reach the main reason of the problems which create these undesired situations.

During our sessions,I detect  reasons which are mainly unknown to the our clients .These reasons may come from DNA recordings and  past life history. We inform our clients about  these main causes of problems and let them know how to correct and solve them at one on one sessions. I also mention how to re-program our minds by using positive affirmations.

To able to achieve theseresults, I use past life healing therapy in two different ways.

1-Past life Healing therapy with individual guidance ; One on One Sessions

2-Past life Healing therapy without guidance; 


NOTE: All therapies are healing sessions and they are not being used for the purpose of medical treatment. Consult your doctor first if you have health issues.